I am Nradz, also knows as Julián Sierra, a spanish computer engineer and this is my personal blog.

I like writing and this blog is a personal "escape" to satisfy that need. What can you expect? Articles about tech, personal projects and other things I like.

Most of the post are in spanish, but some times I feel brave and I write post in english to reach more people :-).

A short story

This is not my first blog. When I was an old child (between 16 and 18 years old), I wrote a personal blog about stories, reviews, opinions and whatever that was in my mind. That blog was only readed by my brother and some friends (or I wanted to believe that).

Some time later, I started other blog about Linux and related tech topics. That blog was better and more satisfying for me: There were more people reading it and I made some friends from other blogs, but…​ I was not very constant and I lost the motivation. I wrote my last post in 2011.

Several years later, almost a decade, I started this blog, verokastan, in 2020. I gave another try to write a blog to express myself and I hope that is being interesting for you :-).

Why Verokastan?

If you search verokastan in a famous search engine, it is posible that one of the first results is a blog called Miedo y Asco en Verokatan. That blog is a fictional story, writed by a friend and me, about two guys writing about a university travel (like erasmus) to a fictional country called verokastan. I like it, so I used it later to name some of my devices and, finally, this blog.